Metolius Daily Wellness - 5 Ways To Naturally Improve Your Sleep

We’re an organic hemp company, so naturally, we like to do things the natural way. In addition to working closely with effective plant medicines, such as CBD & CBN derived from non-psychoactive hemp, we advocate for a holistic approach to personal wellness. When we say “holistic” we mean focusing on the whole enchilada. A holistic approach involves evaluating all aspects of your body, lifestyle and daily wellness routine. This includes elements such as nutrition, sleep habits, exercise/activity levels, mental health practices, socialization and more. 

Managing our sleep schedule, stress levels and what we put into our bodies may be some of the lowest hanging fruits in which we can make changes right away. 

Many users of cannabis & hemp report exceptionally positive results from utilizing therapeutic cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBN & CBG) to improve sleep. Primarily, CBD helps improve sleep by alleviating symptoms of anxiety, pain and chronic stress. CBN, known as the “sleepy cannabinoid,” has similar effects to melatonin as it induces relaxation and can even encourage a deeper sleep cycle.* Several studies analyzing the effects of these cannabinoids showed that the majority of patients saw improvements in sleep disorders, especially those suffering from anxiety disorders. People with overactive minds that have difficulty falling asleep may also greatly benefit from CBD. To understand more about the effects of CBD on our sleep cycles, we recommend learning about the Endocannabinoid System.

In addition to harnessing the benefits of plant medicine as natural sleep aids, here are 5 other holistic remedies we’ve seen work.

Managing Circadian Rhythms with Light

Your body’s internal clock instinctively wants to be in sync with the sun. The more we fight or disrupt this cycle, the harder it becomes for us to fall asleep easily and wake up naturally with the sun. Simple ways to get into a good sleep schedule include limiting the amount of blue light you are exposed to after the sun has gone down (i.e. smart phones, computer & TV screens). Try to adjust your smartphone or computer to soft(warm) light after sunset. Also, taking a 20-30 minute walk outside right after waking in the morning, letting your body absorb sunlight tells our brains it is time to wake up!

Supplement Magnesium 

It’s currently estimated that there is 50% less magnesium in our soils than there was 50 years ago.  Therefore, the majority of us are naturally deficient in magnesium as it is no longer sufficient in our foods. Magnesium is an essential mineral for regulating a healthy sleep cycle. Many choose to supplement this in various forms to help promote a sense of calm, and it may actually help regulate neurotransmitters that are directly correlated to sleep! 

Nutrition is Key 

Cutting out “stimulating” foods/substances such as caffeine, chocolate and sugar in the afternoon can substantially assist your body in being able to wind down easier in the evenings. Make dinner your lightest meal of the day, as it’s better to eat a bigger lunch while your body is most active during the day. Try to not eat later than a few hours before bed. Cutting out processed foods, spicy items and heavy meals before bedtime can also help.  


Numerous studies have shown that adults that perform aerobic/cardio exercise at least 2-5 times per week sleep significantly better. Exercise can also greatly reduce risk of heart disease, mental illness such as depression or anxiety, and substantially increase energy levels & vitality. 

No more Nightcaps 

As much as we all love that small glass of wine or our favorite whiskey before bed, it’s not really helping. Studies have shown that while alcohol may help you doze off, you’re more likely to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. Alcohol is known to greatly disrupt proper REM cycle. 

In addition to Metolius Hemp's CBD & CBN Sleep Formula, River Dreams, we love using other plant remedies for sleep. A few of our other bedtime favorites include passion flower (Bedtime Tea), tart cherry juice (contains natural melatonin), kava kava extract and chamomile tea. 

What are your favorite sleep solutions? Let us know by tagging us on social media @metoliushemp


-Jesse L Rubendall, Business Development Manager


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