River Mud Superfood Supplement Is Here - Turn Your Coffee Into A Superfood

Well after more than a year in development…River Mud is here!  We, and our customers, believe it is the most complete, premium and enhanced superfood supplement on the market. Adding just a teaspoon daily to your coffee, tea, or hot water…makes it a superfood.

River Mud was created in a collaboration with SuperCube to provide the first product in the world that can, ’Turn Any Drink Into A SuperFood'. Packed with our proprietary formulation of CBD and sustainably sourced superfood ingredients from around the globe. 

Formulated with highly absorbable protein, medicinal mushrooms including Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps, along with ceremonial grade cacao, coconut cream, collagen, three Chinese herbs for energy and stamina.  

If you want to avoid the coffee crash and unwanted digestive responses, nourish and maintain a healthy stress response, stabilize your mental focus, balance blood sugar, and support your immune system…then River Mud is for you. 

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