What Mental Health Awareness Means to Us - The Wellbeing Of Us All

As a Hemp company focused on creating natural wellness products and driving the Healthy Vices Movement, our mission is to help people. While it may appear that we make CBD & CBG consumer products purely for our customers’ enjoyment and ensuring they have a good time at their next gathering with friends, there’s a lot more behind the magic. In fact, it’s not just about feeling good, it’s that we truly care about our customers’ wellbeing. We want you to enhance your daily wellness routine using our natural CBD, CBG & CBN hemp products. A significant part of maintaining your general wellbeing is nourishing your mental health. Here’s why we think CBD & non-psychoactive hemp products could truly play a major role in improving mental health worldwide… 

Put simply, we’re here to help people heal. Harnessing the power of hemp, the non-psychoactive sister plant to cannabis, we believe that plants truly are medicine. Certain chemical compounds found in hemp, such as CBD & CBG, are entering the spotlight for treatment in mental health disorders. Groundbreaking science involving numerous studies & clinical trials show remarkable results in cannabinoids (compounds derived from hemp and cannabis) improving brain health and stabilizing a variety of mental health conditions. CBD & CBG are now widely used to help stabilize mood, helping people cope with symptoms brought on by PTSD, Anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. Therapeutic use of hemp/cannabis is becoming rapidly accepted in the medical world. Ample evidence also supports that CBD could help treat and/or prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Yet another way this powerful plant medicine not only helps us achieve a balanced and healthy mind, but can also literally heal and prevent disease. 

Those that suffer mental wellness conditions brought on by chronic pain or inflammation may benefit greatly from therapeutic hemp as well. CBD & CBG show strong ability to help greatly reduce or shut off pain receptors in the brain.

The pharmacological applications of hemp’s medicinal compounds are astounding. And it’s only just the beginning. New cannabinoids and their properties are still being discovered. The true power of this plant is still yet to be seen…

Medicine is our mission. A healthy mind supports a healthy body and soul. Here’s to all of our mental wellbeings, this month, and always. We advocate for a world where everyone in need of hemp’s healing powers has access to it. We hope you will join us in growing the plant medicine revolution.

Jesse L Rubendall
Business Development Manager

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